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CCR 155: New Aeon, William Ramsey Returns

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CCR 155: New Aeon, William Ramsey Returns

In August of the year 2012 on episode 20 of Canary Cry Radio, he gave us the full download on Aleister Crowley’s Satanic ritual influence on society. After a brief touch-and-go on Episode 100, he returned on episode 114 in December of 2016, when he outlined the apocalypse or revealing of the occult elite in politics and other seats of high institutions. Nearly 7 years has passed, and he’s back for episode 155, where we’re long overdue an update on what has certainly been an accurate foundation that was laid in his past three appearances. He’s currently the host of William Ramsey Investigates, author, lawyer, independent investigative journalist, and fellow brother in Christ, WILLIAM RAMSEY! 


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