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Here at Canary Cry Radio, we strive to provide a platform to highlight the many great authors, researchers, bloggers, film makers, ministers, pastors, networks and organizations that bring vital information concerning these prophetic days to the forefront. Check them out below.



Douglas Hamp graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an M.A. in the Hebrew Bible and Its World where he specialized in ancient languages including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. He is the author of  Discovering the Language of Jesus, The First Six Days and Corrupting the Image numerous articles and has lectured on biblical languages, creationism and prophecy in the United States and internationally for over eight years in English and Spanish.   Douglas is a committed follower of Yeshua (Jesus).

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L. A. Marzulli is an author, blogger, researcher, public speaker and film maker. He has written several books including the Nephilim Trilogy, The Alien Interviews, Politics Prophecy and the Supernatural, The Cosmic Chess Match, as well as his recent ventures into film making with his DVD Watchers Series. LA is a pioneer in the field of Biblical prophecy, concerning UFOs, ETs, and spiritual warfare.

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Rob Skiba is an award-winning filmmaker, published author, artist, Army veteran, public speaker, screen writer, actor, and a former missionary. As a filmmaker and having traveled to more than a dozen countries doing missions work, Rob presents a unique perspective on being “culturally relevant,” and reaching the world through media. He is currently in pre-production on a new Biblically based, secular sci-fi television series called, SEED.

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Cris Putnam is a Christian Apologist, author, and scholar who is a member of the Koinonia Institue, the Evangelical Philosophical Society,  and the International Society of Christian Apologetics. He has a BS in Math and Religion and is currently working on his Masters Degree. He also runs the website Logos Apologia where his mission is to show that logic, science, history and faith are complementary, not contradictory and to bring this life-changing truth to anyone who wants to know. He has recently co-authored a book called Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here with author, researcher, and scholar Tom Horn.

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William Ramsey is an author, scholar, and researcher into the strange and sinister life of Aleister Crowley. In his book, Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9-11, and the New World Order, Ramsey investigates the connection between the various numerical components of September 11, 2001 and the sacred numbers held by occultist Aleister Crowley. His findings are startling. Ramsey also has DVDs about the book as well as one on the occult influence on Hollywood called, Occult Hollywood.

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Andrew Hoffman is the author of the book New World Order and Eugenics Wars: A Christian Perspective and the co-host of Revelations Radio News podcast where Andrew and Tim Kilkenny talk about the most current issues concerning global politics. Andrew graduated summa cum-laude with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Philosophy at Grand Canyon University. He received his M.Ed. in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University as well. Andrew’s writings on the topics of eugenics, propaganda, and the new world order have been vital in informing the Christian community.

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Peter Goodgame is the author of the book Red Moon Rising, the Giza Discovery,  and most recently, The Second Coming of the Antichrist. Peter’s perspective on Bible Prophecy has revolutionized the way we understand today’s world. His insight and study is deep and methodical showing that the Scriptures really does reveal to us the things happening all around us. Peter also runs the website where you can find various articles on current events under his microscope.

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Johnny Iron is the host of the Iron Show on the Fringe Radio Network. Johnny’s unique experiences in life color his energy, personality and wisdom. Formerly known to Futurians as “Johnny the Longshoreman”, Johnny Iron’s style to deliver God’s Word is like none other. There’s no one quite like Johnny.

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Tim Kilkenny

Tim Kilkenny is the co-host of Revelations Radio News on the Revelations Radio Network. Being part of the Revelations Radio Network family for some time, Tim had a podcast called the “Tim and Mike Show” for a while before joining Andrew Hoffman to become the voices for the alternative Christian media news outlet.

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Derek and Sharon Gilbert

Derek and Sharon Gilbert are pioneers in alternative Christian media. Between the two of them, the Gilbert’s have written several novels and have done hundreds of podcasts keeping a finger on the pulse on world events through a Biblically discerning heart and mind. Derek is also the host of View From the Bunker (

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Russ Dizdar

Russ Dizdar is an author, pastor, researcher, and radio host with over 30 years of experience in the realm of spiritual warfare, Satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder, and deliverance ministries. With over thousands of hours of free mp3 courses on his website, as well as millions of hits on his website, Russ is a unique Christian voice, speaking to a world in much need for the Gospel.

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Carl Teichrib ForcingChange.Org

ep 32

Carl is chief editor at ForcingChange.Org where he documents the changing landscape of global political/economic and technological changes in the world. As a Bible believing Christian, Carl believes that the only saving grace is found in Jesus Christ. In a dark world where elite men are merging with machine, we are about to come face to face with what Jesus called “The End of the Age.”

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