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CCR 104: Trilateral Technocrats with Patrick Wood

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CCR 104: Trilateral Technocrats with Patrick Wood

WHO IS REALLY IN CONTROL OF THE GLOBAL INSTITUTIONS? According to seasoned researcher and author Patrick Wood, it is the Trilateral Commission. Created in 1973 by private citizens of Japan, members of the European Union, and North America, the Trilateral Commission set out to establish standards for industrialization and globalization by suggesting cooperation and integration of leading nations. The result is an independent elite who influence and control governments and banks around the world.

A major connection to the ideologies of the Trilateral Commission is the concept of Technocracy. While technocracy was a failed institution prior to World War 2, the concepts never died, and today, we are living in the technocratic dream. As scientific breakthroughs and technological tools progressed and disseminated into the world, the ability to control the masses via this medium also grew. As a result, we live in a quiet scientific dictatorship with the continued progress towards a total surveillance state. In fact, the agenda has advanced so much, that we are seeing the United Nations push for the 2030 Sustainable Development plan, announced by the Pope last September in his visit to America.

Patrick Wood studied economics at the U of A. He was the founder of The August Corporation back in 1975 where he initially offered portfolio management services to investors in the US. In 1978 he commenced the publication of the Trilateral Observer to keep track and document the activities of the Trilateral Commission with co-editor, the late Antony Sutton, a name that many conspiracy theorists are familiar with. The pair then went on to publish the best-seller, Trilaterals Over Washington Part I and Part II, which became a staple in this research, even being used in some political science classrooms. In 1981, he founded the World Research Library, where our friend Carl Teichrib is currently a Senior Fellow. He has continued his research with the August Review and the August Forecast, which is now under the operating name

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