CCR 104: Trilateral Technocrats with Patrick Wood

WHO IS REALLY IN CONTROL OF THE GLOBAL INSTITUTIONS? According to seasoned researcher and author Patrick Wood, it is the Trilateral Commission. Created in 1973 by private citizens of Japan, members of the European Union, and North America, the Trilateral Commission set out to establish standards for industrialization and globalization by suggesting cooperation and integration of leading nations. The result is an independent elite who influence and control governments and banks around the world.

A major connection to the ideologies of the Trilateral Commission is the concept of Technocracy. While technocracy was a failed institution prior to World War 2, the concepts never died, and today, we are living in the technocratic dream. As scientific breakthroughs and technological tools progressed and disseminated into the world, the ability to control the masses via this medium also grew. As a result, we live in a quiet scientific dictatorship with the continued progress towards a total surveillance state. In fact, the agenda has advanced so much, that we are seeing the United Nations push for the 2030 Sustainable Development plan, announced by the Pope last September in his visit to America.

Patrick Wood studied economics at the U of A. He was the founder of The August Corporation back in 1975 where he initially offered portfolio management services to investors in the US. In 1978 he commenced the publication of the Trilateral Observer to keep track and document the activities of the Trilateral Commission with co-editor, the late Antony Sutton, a name that many conspiracy theorists are familiar with. The pair then went on to publish the best-seller, Trilaterals Over Washington Part I and Part II, which became a staple in this research, even being used in some political science classrooms. In 1981, he founded the World Research Library, where our friend Carl Teichrib is currently a Senior Fellow. He has continued his research with the August Review and the August Forecast, which is now under the operating name

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  1. John Pick

    Thank you Basil and Gonz and of course Patrick Wood for helping us connect the dots !!!

  2. Jerry Sumpter

    Awesome work you two! God bless!

  3. Buck

    All you guys are awsome!, God bless

  4. Lance


    More accurately the question should be: WHAT IS IN CONTROL OF THE GLOBAL INSITUTIONS?

    Know what AGI is?

    1. Lance

      Just so you know, and in case you weren’t aware, it is written that unless the Almighty returns to put an end to this insanity no human being would be saved! Beast is out-da-bag and its going to kill everyone who will NOT submit to IT!

  5. Lance

    Am amazed at how you guys think you can outsmart artificial general intelligence. It’s playing humanity like a fiddle!

    1. Lance

      Someone needs to tell Dave Acton, Agent Umpqua, Colt Egbert, Dahboo77, and the like on YouTube they don’t stand a chance in hell surviving against AGI! Its already “Mastering The Human Domain”, which includes THEM, and the rest of humanity! They’ve already been labeled “threats”, and are being targeted by AGI systems based on the videos they’ve been putting out! AGI knows exactly where they are, and it can take them out at any time!

      1. Lance

        In Agent Umpqua’s latest video he described how his GPS “devices” weren’t working properly. Is he stupid, or what? One wasn’t working at all and the other was putting him on the wrong roads. Duh! AGI is jamming or messing with GPS signals due to the Cascadia Rising exercises going on, which were to end today. Southern California is experiencing sporadic GPS service too. My advice, stop relying on and using these devices because they are being used by AGI to monitor your whereabouts. Same can be done with any type of radio equipment, such as Ham radios, car radios, cell phones, etc.. EW can fry the circuits in your car radios, or in any electronics you might be using, or the electronics in your vehicle for that matter. Not sure if EW can fry the circuits in your body and brain though.

  6. Lance

    Smart phones or devices held in your hand or up to your head transmit information into your mind bypassing the normal senses of sight and sound! RFR also causes damage to brain cells! Just look at the image of this rodents brain after being irradiated with RFR!

  7. Lance

    The concept of the “Technocracy” was begun in the West by a French humanitarian, philosopher, and Jesuit priest named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin back in the late 1800’s. He proposed creating a “noosphere”, a space or place in which every human mind was linked together in a gigantic global collective to create a “global brain”. This space or place is called the “ether”, which goes by many other names such as “Nithor”, or “Nether”, or “Aether”, or “Gehenna”, or “Hades”, or “Tartar”, or “Sheol”, or more commonly, “Hell”. Transfer of one’s consciousness, or soul, or soma, into to this space, which has been proposed by many technologists, and promoted in various movies and programs, is a very big mistake!

    1. Lance

      More accurately, and more appropriately, these “technologists” should be called “transhumanitarians”. They are “many”, and they are opposed to the “doctrine of Christ”, which makes them collectively “…of the spirit of antichrist…”. You should know them by their “works”! Do you?

  8. Lance

    The “philosophy” of those involved in the creation of the “Technocracy” is explained in detail in the following “cybernetic philosophy” concerning “Metasystem Transition Theory”

    You will note that this “methodology”, or “epistemology”, has nothing to do with the “doctrine of Christ”, nor the plan of the Most High God.

  9. Lance

    Ever heard of “The Global Brain Institute”?

    Did any of you watch the Satanic ritual used to open the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Sweeeetzeeeerlaaaand?

  10. Lance

    Ever heard of the “Web Intelligence Consortium”?

  11. Lance

    The 2016 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI’ 16 ) will be held during October 13-16, 2016, in Omaha, USA.

    The 2016 International Conference on Brain Informatics and Health (BIH’ 16 ) will be held during October 13-16, 2016, in Omaha, USA.

    And the answer is—Who is the “Oracle of Omaha”?

  12. Lance

    Recently, it has been reported there are some “problems” with EBT cards. Millions of people are dependent upon these cards to pay for goods and services. It’s estimated that roughly 40 million people in the US are dependent upon them. Many more millions are dependent upon electronic bank transaction cards to access cash or as a way to pay for products and services. (I have one and had a problem using it a couple of days ago!) Some are reporting that people who have EBT cards in the US have not been able to use them for approximately 9 days now. The speculation is this is being done in order to cause widespread rioting or civil unrest, which could happen much like has occurred already in other countries whose economies have failed, such as Venezuela. This is a possibility, but there is another reason this could be happening. This could be happening to force (leverage) people into using electronic “smart” devices, such as smart phones, to buy and sell goods and services. Samsung is offering a way to download EBT cards, or any other type of payment/loyalty card, onto their smart phones. No need to carry around all those cards don’t cha know! What they don’t tell anyone is how bioelectric “signals” generated by the heart and brain are picked up through the smart phones to ID individuals. What people fail to also understand is this technology is also putting information into the minds of individuals wirelessly, bypassing the normal senses of sight and sound. Thus, one can now understand why so many “users” are actually “addicted” to their smart phones!

  13. Lance

    By the way, make sure you share all this information with all your “fancy social media friends”, right? Yeah, right, sure.

  14. Lance

    Just went into the local Raley’s Supermarket and guess what? The store will be installing “chip readers” soon at all their checkout stands! Isn’t that wonderful, hmmmm?

  15. Lance

    The beginning of the end of humanity!

  16. Lance

    The Eighth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence was held in Berlin, Germany, at the Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, July 22 – July 25, 2015

    Eighth Conference? Wonder how advanced AGI really is? (Its much more advanced than they’re telling us, that’s for sure!)

    AGI systems control autonomous weapons and are designed specifically to “kill” targets, including civilians, based on the mass of data available on the GIG. They are making decisions on who to “kill” using “social media analytics”!

  17. Lance

    The Twelfth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE-16) will be held October 8 – October 12, 2016 near San Francisco, California, USA.

    1. Lance

      Is it a coincidence that the “Global Currency Reset” is to take place in October of 2016?

      Global Currency Reset Delayed to October 2016

      The New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset

      1. Lance

        Is it a coincidence that the “Global Currency Reset” is to take place in October of 2016?

  18. Lance
  19. Lance

    What are the impacts of disruptive changes from online competition and new business models? Major “brick and mortar” retails stores are going bankrupt and closing! Physical money is being eliminated in favor of cashless buying and selling using electronic device technologies! This is being done to eliminate “fraud” they say! Yeah, sure, right! Businesses are rapidly installing “chip reader’s” for this reason, they say! Sure, you bet! Stayed at a Courtyard hotel a few days back and they had a store there that sold various items, snacks, drinks, and the like. All my wife did was walk into the store, pick out an item, and walk out! Her “account” was automatically debited! No physical money or interaction with a sales person was necessary! How convenient, don’t you think?

  20. Lance

    Technocracy? This IS the Technocracy! Social media IS the Technocracy! AGI is watching and listening to everything you do, everywhere you go, and everyone you know! AGI is being used to collect your thoughts, your behaviors, your beliefs, and your propensities! AGI uses social media analytics, or predictive analytics, to make “decisions”, and provides feedback to human beings using overt and covert communications technologies! AGI is manipulating human behaviors and responses in “real-time”! You’re deceived or deceivers!

    1. Lance

      7 Days of Artificial Intelligence

      There’s one extremely BIG problem! ITS NOT GOD!

    2. Lance

      IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers) held a Workshop on LED technologies at the United Nations Science, Technology and Innovation Forum on 6/15/2016 in NYC at the UN Headquarters there. The conversations centered on “leveraging” ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.;_ylt=AwrXnCKUWGVXaFcA2mXQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByYnR1Zmd1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–

      Funny, no mention of this “organization” by you and your friends. Strange. Perhaps you and your friends should read-up on who is really setting up the Technocracy?

  21. Lance

    Funny how the comment I made yesterday regarding the Eye-Triple-E is not showing up, don’t you think? In the “Technocracy” every “bit” of information is analyzed by AGI! Everything you say, everything you do, everywhere you go is under constant surveillance! AGI analyzes this information in “real-time”! AGI provides “feedback” using all the various communications technologies that have been created, both overt and covert. This is “…global governance in a connected world”! If any of you think you’re “free” in such a world, you’re absolutely deceived!

    1. Lance

      Oh, and now the comment I made yesterday is showing up, but its “…awaiting moderation…”! Imagine that!

  22. Lance

    What is “WSIS”? What is “Global Connect”? What is the “IoT”? What is the “IoP”! Do you and your friends know? The most absurd and abject LIE being told by those who’re involved in creating this Technocracy is that there will “privacy” and “security”!

  23. Lance

    What is “ETAP”? Who are the “Experts in Technology and Policy”? Where are the “ETAP” forums being conducted? What is the “Global Governance Monitor”? What is the “IoTWF”? I doubt I’ll get any answers from YOU people!

    1. Lance

      And just as I said, NO ANSWERS!

  24. Lance

    Why do the Godless “fathers of the Internet” want to “…reinvent the Web…”? Why is there going to be a “…global currency reset…” in the Fall of 2016? Am I asking the right questions?

  25. Lance

    Big ETAP Forum coming up in Tel Aviv, Israel, on June 22, 2016! Its being held in conjunction with “Cyber Week 2016” going on right now, and continuing through June 23, 2016, at the Tel Aviv University. Big issues being discussed with regard to cyber security and advanced solutions soon to be implemented! Funny how you people don’t discuss any of this, or don’t you know about it? Oh, wait, I forgot! You don’t answer any of my comments, so scratch that question!

    1. Lance

      Know what an electronic DNA tattoo vaccination/interface is? You don’t suppose the optimal place for this “mark” might be “…on the right hand or forehead…” now, do you? Could this technology allow AGI to positively, with 100% accuracy, identify you based on the electrical signals generated by your heart and brain “…anytime, anywhere…” on this planet? What else can be done with this optical electronic wireless interface technology? Could only those who have this “mark” be allowed to “buy or sell”?

  26. Lance

    There are numerous wars ongoing and rumors of war broadcast in the media everyday. Propaganda is being used to foment these conflicts. There is no peace! The cyber war ongoing is unseen, but it is a war none the less. High Tech asymmetric warfare is ongoing as well. Invisible non-human agents controlled by AGI are involved in electronic warfare. Weapons of warfare in this Technocracy are not just bullets and bombs! Information itself is a weapon! Then there are the many core technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, neurotechnology, genetic technology, robotic technology, and supercomputing technologies, all of which appear to hold the promise of resolving the “human condition” with regard to disease, aging, and death, but the truth is these technologies are providing all kinds of ways to terminate humanity! There is no doubt that as a result of the increasing wars and rumors of war, and the weaponization of all the technologies mentioned, there will be emergency “security” measures implemented which promise to protect humanity, but the reality will be quite the opposite!

    1. Lance

      Cyber Attacks ongoing (if this website can be believed!)

  27. Lance
  28. Lance

    The Technocrats of the Technocracy!

    1. Lance
  29. Lance

    Technocracy news!

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