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Nephilim Nouveau with LA Marzulli | CCR 170

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Nephilim Nouveau with LA Marzulli | CCR 170

It was mere hours into 2024 when we started to see the word “Nephilim” trending on social media and mentioned in mainstream news articles. The catalyst appeared to be TikTok videos that, according to some content creators, showed a massive giant entity walking amongst a chaotic scene of nearly 100 police cars flashing their lights and blocking the road near a mall in Miami. While the footage is not particularly conclusive, it was the absolute parabolic ascension of the search term “Nephilim” that made this particular event a social phenomenon that this show is equipped to analyze with our decade+ of research and content centered around this topic!

It’s important to separate actual Biblical and historical facts about the Nephilim with how the word is being distributed into culture. But with the topics of the Nephilim being a natural destination for Christians who embark on the journey to understand truths about things like aliens, UFOs, transhumanism and eschatology, the people of the Canarium are perhaps the most well equipped to inform and edify a church thirsty for more knowledge, without assisting the social engineers from gaining control of the word. 

To help us navigates the nefarious netherworld of the Nephilim, we welcome back our good ole’ friend LA Marzulli onto the podcast!

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Canary Cry Radio #170 – 01.19.2024 – Pre-Recorded on 01.16.2024

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