CCR 099: Nephilim Vampires, Werewolves and More with Dr. Judd Burton

The story of Nephilim, giants who roamed the earth, is a past not recognized as true history in the ivory towers of academia. Yet, our culture is drenched with stories and statues of strange mythological characters, from 400 foot titans, to hybrid beings, to gods who ruled over the humans. Even today, our pop culture [...]

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923andme flyby

FLYBY: Nine Twenty Three and Me

THE WORLD HAS ENDED! OR NOT! At least according to you reading it. September 23rd, or Nine Twenty Three was supposed to be, according to some, a day when the rapture of the church was supposed to happen. According to others, it was supposed to be the end of the world! But alas, nothing of [...]

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CCR 098: True Legends with Tim Alberino

CONSTRUCTING THE PAST IN ORDER TO CONTROL THE FUTURE. That is what the nefarious elite of the world have been doing since antiquity. We have been taught in our history and science classes, that mankind is the only civilized species to ever walk the earth. Yet, the Bible, and many other ancient cultures, tell a [...]

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CCR 097: Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth with Mark Flynn

THE POWERS OF SYMBOLS have been at the heart of the occult hierarchy for centuries. Hidden meanings embedded within this sacred language have been passed down through each generation of initiates, getting buried deeper and deeper under the layers of history, mythology, and philosophy. The attempt to uncover the gems of truth forged deep within [...]

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FLYBY: Everyone Shill Out!

HERETIC! SHILL! LIAR! DECEIVER! GNOSTIC SCUM! These are just some in the plethora of labels that are thrown around in the realm of fringe Christianity. And we're here to say "EVERYONE, SHILL OUT!" The online space has become a cesspool of division, quarrels, and "discernment ministry" soap boxers, who claim to be edifying the church, [...]

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CCR 096: Freedom with Dr. Kent Hovind

MOVEMENTS usually begin when pioneers go against cultural trends, and explore issues few are willing to address. In the Christian Truther movement, a handful of early exposers of the New World Order launched a genre that has now become effectively an online underground digital church. A select few of these early trailblazers of the Christian [...]

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CCR 095: Christian Transhumanism with Reverend Doctor Benek

IS CHRISTIANITY AND THE TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY COMPATIBLE? When we started Canary Cry Radio back in 2012, we saw that the march toward a technological singularity, and the advent of transhumanism, was first, a secular enterprise, but second, an occult and esoteric endeavor, relating back to the earliest forms of spiritual practices, such as Kabbalah, Alchemy, [...]

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apocalypse update 004

FLYBY: Apocalypse Update 004

ARE TRUTHERS LOSING THEIR MINDS? Or is the world really turning into the global police state, transhumanist, technocratic, occultic, abominable beast kingdom that we read about in the book of Revelation and Daniel? On this Apocalypse Update, a handful of stories that have hit the news wire recently, and commentary about them from Basil and [...]

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CCR 094: On the Path of the Immortals with Cris Putnam

WHO ARE THE IMMORTALS AND DOES THE BIBLE TALK ABOUT THEM? When investigating and comparing various myths from around the world, with the supernatural aspects found in the bible, most would suggest that there isn’t much in common. But our guest today says otherwise. Cris Putnam is a best selling author along with Tom Horn [...]

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CCR 093: War Stories with Byron Rodgers

AS CONSPIRACY REALISTS, we are highly critical of the Military Industrial Complex, and we see the deception that drives the war machine and the unnecessary deaths to hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children all around the world. And while we rant and rave about this conspiracy to perpetuate war, it can be [...]

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